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Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Crepe Shop DIY Candy Kit

Kracie’s Nerunerunerune is created in 1984 and it is most popular among children for its easy to use features and delicious flavors it provides. Kracie has made continuous changes to its recipe and flavors from time to time to keep its young fans delighted with its delicious taste. But it has not made many changes to its price and the ad associated with it which features a gaijin witch.
Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ crepe DIY Candy Kit is one of the successful ones from the company and it has been delighting its fans for a long time. We at Japan Candy Ninja will send you this Candy Kit directly from Japan to your doorstep if you take our monthly candy box subscription. The candy is easy to create and it is famous equally among children and elders. This product is easy to make but may require elder guidance as the dough need to be prepared in a micro wave oven. This crepe from Kracie will surely give you different excitement with its unparallel taste, much better than your regular snacks.

Procedure to prepare your Popin Cookin Crepe:
Cut the tray that comes with the package and separate them into individual parts.
Make the crepe batter
Add water upto the line shown in the square sized container. Now add batter mix and stir it well. Stir until the powder completely dissolves.
Now add the batter to the inner circle of the container. Add about 2 to 3 spoon of batter and spread it evenly. Put the spinner over the round shaped container. Now spin the crepe slowly. Put your hand on the outer side of the spinner and spin it slowly so that the batter spread evenly throughout the container. You can also use the spoon to spread the batter.
Now put the batter in the microwave. Be careful with it and not burn your hands. It should be cooked with 500Watt for 30 seconds.
Now remove the crepe from the microwave and leave it to get cool. Move the crepe from the container with your hand from one side. Repeat the whole process to make 3 pieces of crepes.
Make Banana
Add some water and the banana mix to the star marked container. Stir it well and press it with back of the spoon. Now give it a banana look and cut it into six pieces. Follow the steps shown on the crepe sheet to do it properly.
Prepare the strawberry Jelly
Add 2 spoon of water to the flower marked container. Add the strawberry jelly powder and mix it well. Then put the mixture to the strawberry mold. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes so that the jelly gets set.
Prepare the cream dispenser
Add four spoon of water to the star marked tray and add cream mix to it. Mix it well with the spoon. Pull the dispenser bag to right and left side to divide it into two pieces. Fold one side of the cream bag and add the cream into it. Now make the tip pointed and cut it to dispense the cream through it. Squeeze the other side of the bag.
Make the chocolate dispenser
Add one spoon of water to the star marked tray and add the chocolate sauce mix to it. Stir it well with the spoon. Add the chocolate dispenser to another dispenser bag. Cut the tip and squeeze the opposite side.
Decoration time of your crepe
Put the crepe to the crepe sheet. Put the cream with the cream dispenser and decorate it with bananas and strawberry jelly. Add toppings and chocolate cream to give it an attractive look. Now you are good to go and enjoy it with your friends.
Box contains:
Set includes: 2 x Mold, 5 x powder bags with different candy ingredients, 1 x spoon, 1 x Tray, 2 x icing bags
Contents: 27 gram
Made in Japan by Kracie.
Free from artificial colouring and preservatives

Dimension of the Candy box:

The Typical dimension of these boxes is Height 15cm (6 inch), Width 13cm (5 inch), depth 4cm (2 inch).

We at Japan candy ninja are excited to send you Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ crepe DIY Candy Kit in our candy box, all the way from Japan to your doorstep. We deliver fun & tasty Japan snacks box and Japan candy boxes directly from Tokyo to your door! We offer free of cost delivery to worldwide on our Japanese snacks box and candy box subscription.

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