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In the market of all candies, gummy candy has a special place out of the all. These kinds of candies always have some different texture compared to other candies. Some gummies are little bit tough to chew, some are very soft. Gummies come in different flavour. Grapevine gummy candy is a super variety in this category. This candy will truly give you the experience of picking grapes. This will give you an impression of real candy time. The candy’s packaging is very attractive with the appearance of grape vine beautifully nestled with grapes and vines. You feel the flavour of grape soda in the leaves part and muscat and purple grapes in the grape gummies. These gummies are soft in touch, their flavour is mind blowing, these are gluten free, and fat free & most importantly they look really attractive.

The Gummy candies recipe is generally prepared by highly experienced food specialist and chemists. Different characteristic of Gummy candies are developed by these professionals. They add different ingredients together to develop special texture, appearance and tastes of Gummy candies. But the basic ingredients like water, gelatine, colour and sweetener remain included in most of these recipes.

Gelatin is the main ingredient in any Gummy candy recipe. It is responsible for bringing in the unique gummy characteristics of the Candy. This Gelatin is formed from animal tissue and it is protein material. It becomes thick solution or gel like substance when mixed with water. This gelatine is used in a certain proportion to form a chewy gummy texture of the candy. These Gummy candies have thermo reversible feature which makes it thinner as the temperature increases. This makes the candy to have “melt in mouth” feature. The time required to melt the gummy candy in mouth can be controlled by the proportion of gelatine used in the recipe.

The gummy candy recipe includes sweetener and flavors to give it the special taste. The gelatin is a odourless and tasteless substance so these additional ingredients are required to give it special flavors and taste. The sweetener and flavors may vary in different Gummy candy recipes. For example sucrose is a very high degree sweetener for gummy candies which is used in many gummy candies. Many other sweeteners like Fructose, corn syrup, sorbitol are also used for gummy candy recipe.

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